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Condé Nast Listened to Me

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Well, not just to me, but a bunch of others, too. The New Yorker app finally has 1-a subscription feature, and (what I like) 2-allows print subscribers to log in for free.

CN came under a lot of criticism when the New Yorker iPad app first came out. Even if you were a print subscriber, you had to pony up to see the iPad version of the same issue that comes in the mail. For us non-Manhattanites, they arrived mid-week, after the buzz had died down. It was irritating to see a new issue on the newsstand — well, the few that still exist — and then wait a couple days or more to get my own copy.

The New Yorker and its corporate masters had their reasons–Apple didn’t offer a system-based subscription method until recent (I forgot the exact date), and when it did, it graciously offered to “share” revenue. A lot of publishers first said no thanks, but they’re starting to come around. It’s hard to ignore potential sales, not to mention access to credit card and other subscriber data.

The app is pretty simple to use. I haven’t explored the bonus features, like extra video, cartoons, etc. (Leave a comment if you have, and let us know what you think.) Download it, pay for a sub, or register/log in if you’re got an existing print sub. You’ll get a menu of the current issue and some previous ones. Download–it’s actually pretty fast, better than a lot of other magazine iPad ports.

Once in an issue, you can zap around, either by calling up the contents, or scrolling through the issue.

In other words, fairly standard fare, but now I’ll be less likely to be carrying around old, unread issues in my bag. Just megabytes full of stuff on my iPad, until I remember to archive it.


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May 11, 2011 at 10:27 am

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Yes, The New Yorker

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Half good, half bad. If you’re a print subscriber to the venerable magazine, you can sign up for a weekly e-mail that includes links to the digital edition, accessible from the Web, and best on the iPad. Click on an article link, and off you go to the mobile Web edition, which does a pretty good job of faking an iPad app. Browse the magazine to your heart’s content, and there are thumbnails at the bottom of the page to help you find your way. You can use your finger and just slide around, just like you would in any decent iPad app.

Recently, the good folks at Condé Nast put out, yes, a New Yorker app. It’s free, but here’s the thing: You have to pop for each issue. Not so bad, if you’re a casual reader. Already a subscriber to the magazine? Tough. You don’t get grandfathered in, you have to pay 5 bucks for each issue. At least its CN stablemate Vanity Fair gives you a digital copy for $4. Sorry, this is inexcusable. I’m not alone—the app’s received a bunch of one-star ratings from App Store denizens. One quote: “What were you thinking? I love the magazine and have been a loyal subscriber for many years. To expect your print subscribers to pay for the iPad version at full price is simply silly. [I could think of another word.] In fact it should be completely free to print subscribers.”

I’ll pay a little up front to gain access—I’m a generous guy. But no more, since I’m a print subscriber.

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March 4, 2011 at 11:06 am

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